Venus David, M.Ed.~Founder/President

Mrs. David possesses over 20 years of experience in the non-profit and behavioral health sector; with a driving commitment to the autism population.  The onset of this journey began many years ago with a non-verbal autistic teenager, who lived with an illiterate father and aging grandmother.  He failed to receive the necessary educational and therapeutic supports to prepare for his future because he did not attend early intervention or daycare, he stayed with his grandmother so his father could keep his job. As a graduate student and behavior therapist, she was able to provide the therapeutic support for this child to effectively convey his thoughts and minimize his aggression.

Mrs. David has a Masters in Special Education and Minor in Behavior Modification. She is certified in Child and Adolescent Needs Assessment (CANS), Applied Behavioral Analysis and Functional Behavior Assessments. She has served in a variety of roles in the behavior health field ranging from direct care to supervisor/managerial.  Prior to launching So Love Autistic Center, she worked as a lead clinician guiding a clinical team within a school setting. Her range of expertise with a myriad of special needs children brings an open-minded perspective on cultural differences and clinical integrity in the effective treatment of children. The culmination of these experiences in a supportive and leadership capacity has produced a diligent work ethic and advocacy for authentic child and family-centered services.

Her endeavors in child and adolescent behavior health provide a progressive perspective on  “what works” holistically in the treatment of autism, inclusive of parents, siblings, and caretakers. Mrs. David has lead several clinical teams responsible for the implementation of therapeutic practices and emerging therapeutic interventions that provide the best outcomes for the population served.

Mrs. David’s tenure in the non-profit/educational arena has led to strategic planning, program and capacity building ventures to increase organizational sustainability.  As a former program director at local community-based programs, she has implemented training programs and behavior modification policies for effective engagement with elementary and middle school students.

Mrs. David currently serves on the board of three local community based non-profit organizations, consulting on effective fundraising and program development  Recently, Mrs. David lent her curriculum development experience to one of Philadelphia’s first project-based learning manuals for after-school programs.  She’s developed and facilitated training in Positive Behavior Support (PBS), grant development training at the University of Pennsylvania, professional development training and business plan development.