To provide holistic services to children and families while supporting the basics of daily living and improving the quality of care to populations living with autism.

Our Organization

So Love Autistic Center provides educational and therapeutic services with extended childcare hours for working parents. Our flexible scheduling allows families to maintain services in other therapeutic settings, which promotes continuity of care and access to “fill in the gap” childcare services.  A comprehensive, early learning curriculum is partnered with a relationship and play-based therapeutic intervention model, an ABA-based approach that delivers therapeutic goals across developmental domains. These techniques engage children in positive emotional experiences with another person and draw the child’s attention to social stimuli.

Our center delivers these techniques in the context of a play-based, natural learning environment. So Love Autistic Center’s goal is to empower children with ASD to become active participants in the world by initiating interactions with others. Additional ABA based approaches are incorporated to meet each child’s individual needs.

So Love Autistic Center is an organization with a commitment to empowering the families we serve, affording them a consistent opportunity to contribute to the marketplace and expand their ability to support their family, by relieving the burden of needing adequate and developmentally appropriate child care services for their autistic child.