We understand the varying schedules of parents, along with the need to transition children into structured routines at a comfortable pace. We offer flexible scheduling, where students can attend a minimum of 2 half-days or up to 5  full days.

Students attending early intervention programs for 3-5 years old have very fluid school schedules with several long breaks throughout the year; our program accommodates these schedules for all enrolled students.

 We follow the Upper Darby School District closing schedule for holidays and inclement weather (#452).


We provide an array of services to meet your child’s educational, therapeutic, and socialization needs.  Our interventions are implemented in a way that promotes generalization in a naturalistic manner across developmental domains.


Our attentive and nurturing approach to therapy for the autism community has expanded. We now offer community and center-based 1:1 ABA therapy, with an intent to build skills for children to maintain in a group-based setting. We are an in-network provider servicing the tri-county area. Contact us today to check eligibility!


We provide an educational curriculum aligned with the Common Core Standards; instruction is differentiated to meet the individualized needs of each child; the child’s IEP goals are incorporated daily routine.


Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) – utilizing ABA interventions in a naturalistic setting promoting, engagement, socialization, and responsiveness to multiple cues in the environment. 


Our naturalistic therapeutic environment is extended to accommodate working families. Our setting provides an opportunity for organic socialization and application of obtained skills; with year-round services and themed summer programming. We help minimize summer regression and diligently prepare students for kindergarten.


Improving Child-Treatment Fit in Autism Early Intervention Study

Do you have a child diagnosed with autism? Is your child showing signs of autism yet undiagnosed? Currently on a waiting list for ABA services?

This program will answer the questions mentioned above and more:

  • Individualized services at no cost to families
  • Evidenced-based ABA services for 10-hours  p/week
  • Maintain services with other providers while in program
  • Licensed early learning center provides a naturalistic setting that promotes generalization and socialization.

So Love Autistic Center has teamed with A.J. Drexel Autism Institute to offer this unique opportunity for autism children 36 months and under. All services are delivered by the fantastic team at A.J. Drexel, while So Love Autistic Center host center for service delivery.

For more information: Contact Adreeja Guharay, Project Coordinator P: (215) 571-3327 E:AG3237@drexel.edu

Addressing the unmet needs of young children with autism and their working families~ Research Study

This project is a collaboration between the Eagles Autism Challenge, the A.J. Drexel Autism Institute and So Love Autistic Center.  The goal of this project is to study the positive impact of implementing Group-based Early Start Denver Model in a community-based early intervention setting.


So Love Autistic Center offers practical resources for parents that teach core strategies for engaging their child, and explains how and why the strategy impacts the child’s development. The resources allow the family to learn alongside the treatment team through readings, videos, real-time practice, coaching, and simple “guided” tasks.  Supporting the child’s learning and communication during regular daily routines;  additional supports include the following:

  • Free workshops
  • Parent Date Night
  • Individualized charts and communication tools for practical use in the home
  • Review clinical & educational goals by coordinating agencies and more.

To learn more about our Parent Resource Center or general questions about autism services and advocacy contact our staff at info@solovecenter.org