Kingdom Karpentry, LLC.

Delaware County-based licensed & insured general contractor specializing in finish carpentry, inclusive of kitchens, bathrooms & basements, trimming, finishing drywall, custom cabinetry, ceramic tile design and installation, windows, doors, and floors.

Myrtice Sermons

Anti-Drug & Alcohol Crusaders, Inc.

Ms. Sermons is the founder of a non-profit community-based program that services low-income children in distressed communities. The program’s existence dates back 25 years and has a significant impact in the community, the program will aid So Love Autistic Center in increasing community connections and program referrals. The program also liaises between our program and key stakeholders in the community.

Thinking Outside of the Box Learning Center

Mrs. Parks is the owner of two thriving daycare facilities and has agreed to be a referral center for autistic children seeking to enroll in the program. The program has also agreed to participate in PlayDate™ a program designed to promote the path to inclusion by providing schedule activity days with typical students.

   Thigpen Professionals, LLC.

Provides services in Executive Consulting & Coaching, Motivational Speaking, Customize corporate wellness programs- developed for business owners and executives with an understanding of the benefit for supporting and growing their largest investment…human capital!

  Partners for Sacred Places

The only national nonsectarian, nonprofit organization dedicated to the sound stewardship and active community use of America’s older religious properties.  So Love Autistic Center is featured in the Summer 2012 nationally circulated magazine.

 Salvation Flooring, LLC.

Based in Delaware County, PA we specialize in restoration, installation, repairing and cleaning of floors & stairs in historic and contemporary dwellings.