Hard At Work

We were busy bees this summer and have a lot to share.  Foremost we attended the Autism Speaks Walk 2012 in Philadelphia as walkers and hosted a resource table.  We definitely intend to participate in this event from this point forward.  The walk was inspiring and touching, meeting the families and sharing the stories of personal triumph were a highlight for our team.   In September, we participated in a community event in Yeadon, PA to help share the news about our new program and connect to the community.  There were families in attendance with autistic adults who shared their testimonies of raising their children and the creativity needed to provide opportunities that were unavailable 20 years ago.  Lastly, we hosted our 1st fundraiser event Dinner & Movie, A Night Out for Autism, featuring the movie Temple Grandin.  The event included a hard had walk-through, delineation of program services and dinner and takeaways.  The jam packed event was a great platform to provide a full picture of So Love Autistic Center and the unique aspects of the program.

Currently, we are in the final stages of program completion, we have launched our pre-registration phase of the program for parents to secure a space for their child.  We have launched our talent scouting to add comprehensive and experienced staff to the roster of So Love Autistic Center.  This is an exciting time for our organization and we are happy to share our progress.  We encourage you to visit us online to learn more about our program, complete pre-registration for potential clients and join our newsletter list.

Yours Truly,

Venus A. David