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Hello and welcome to So Love Autistic Center (SOLA), this site seeks to inform, engage and ultimately empower.  I’m Venus A. David, Founder/CEO, my disclaimer, I do not have an autistic child nor am I connected to any children in my immediate or extended family with autism.  Nevertheless, I love the idiosyncrasies and nuances  associated with this population, the subtle and overt signals expressed to invite us into their world.

Since I began working with autistic children as a special education graduate student 13 years ago, they have grabbed a hold of my heart and never relented.  One resounding lesson I’ve learned, is we must winsomely enter their world, in an effort to pull them into ours.  Despite the myriad of developmental setbacks one autism child may possess, love is a penetrable force that surpasses the rational or irrational mind, for that matter.

Our mission, we are partners with parents, not just service providers, professional individuals who’ve committed their life’s work for the advocacy of children and their families.  We see a problem with the current structure of services; in Philadelphia and surrounding counties, autism services are fragmented disjointed and strained.  Parents are frustrated and under served, while quality services are scarce and present services are languishing. Parents need more from those who have the experience and compassion to teach, treat and nurture their children.

We hear you, truly, I’ve heard the stories and felt the pain of past clients, their desire to move ahead, receive better treatment and a better job to pay for treatment.  Unfortunately they have to choose, between quality services that are therapeutically sound and employment.  If one would choose employment, their options are diminished to  traditional daycare enrollment, where staff are not adequately trained to meet the developmental needs.  Opt for treatment, and the overwhelming treatment schedule and impromptu calls from the program can try the patience of the most congenial employer.

We have a suggestion, a blended educational and therapeutic program for toddlers and preschoolers in the Philadelphia area that provides traditional daycare hours and clinical proficiency needed to prepare your child for mainstream.

To Learn More we ask that you visit often, spread the word and leave your thoughts, we’d love to hear from you.

Yours Truly,

Venus A. David, M.Ed

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