Finding Your Inspiration

Through this life’s journey we will face many unexpected challenges and despite the discomfort we are facing during these tumultuous times, someone is inspired and strengthened by our courage and endurance.  It’s understandable that everyone processes challenges differently and some may not exhibit that inspirational fortitude that others can glean.  Nonetheless, I encourage you to dig deep and search wide for that inspiration to move forward in a most resilient and audacious manner.  Your inspiration can motivate you to take your autistic child to a restaurant and not care who is looking when he/she makes an outburst.  Go to a place that you longed to visit. Educate your immediate and extended family members on idiosyncrasies your child has, so you can have a night out. Inspire you to collaborate with other parents of autistic children for support and empowerment. Write a blog, a book, newspaper column to share your experiences and more importantly your triumphs. Inspiration to inspire others and most importantly inspire your child.

There are always stories and lessons to learn in the triumph of others, so share them with the world, or at least your community.  We can gain something from you, no matter how minuscule you perceive it to be, it just may mean the world to someone else.

I want to encourage you to start today, post your challenging/inspirational moments with your child, we’d love to learn from you.

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